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Dear young professional

Given that we are likely to spend more than half of our lives in various workplaces — it is without doubt that choosing to channel the energy to inspire the future generation and thoughts that make the future workplace is a must. In order to see the world evolve into a positive space that is fit for our youngest people, the discussion around the future of work needs to be more dynamic to challenge the current status quo that are stalling progress towards better businesses models and diverse engagement.

On Millennialsphere – allow me to share some snippets on how to rock your 180° dynamic split ( your 90 days before stepping into your professional realm to rocking your first 90 days to your growth curve)

Having worked across several countries in different continents and now leading and managing teams within supply chain across the globe. When I entered the professional world —  I could never have imagined what awaited me and still awaits me today. From a work place culture shock in my own motherland continent to expating across the world and diving into the bureaucracy of work permits to discovering jobs that teach me and direct me towards living my true passions to contribute to society and continue to grow; all that whilst embracing every single experience from the success to the mistakes — embracing everything to start this diary to help any young professional who needs this Diary for young professionals. Made possible through the Millennialsphere and Engineering Pioneers platform. 

Diary for a young professional.

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