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Dear young professional – don’t lose hope!

Impact for young people will not be accomplished in any one day/monthly events for youth alone. It hurts to talk to young people and hear the anxiety and the anger and watch their future and potential compromised by systems and institutions that have failed. Now its urgent.

The current state of young people – who have lost hope about their futures needs us to put pressure on institutions and systems that have entitled power to serve. Thats the type of impact we need to push for!

This week I had two interviews, which left me sad, devastated about the state of current affairs and deeply hurt by the way places meant to grow generations to come have failed the young people – with even worse consequences for minorities and the vulnerable. ( check diary for young professional episodes coming soon)

lets unit as we go forward to act. Parents, states, businesses, education systems – it is a key time to push through for the young generation. To States, business and education – I say please give way for young people to lead.

Dear young professional keep challenging, asking questions and leading. While we continue to put pressure on the current leaders. See below 3 ways to keep going when you are losing hope:

  1. let your personal brand be excellence

There is nothing worse that pointing fingers at a failed State, System, Institution or Society circumstance when the image we portray and our own delivery of things we commit to is questionable. If you want to be part of the top caliber of professionals in your sphere – be present and do everything you commit to to 100%+. We speak of injustices and systems that have failed to empower young people – are we treating those around us fairly? During my time working in West Africa, part of my frustrations stemmed from seeing young people fail to meet their commitments as an excuse of their background circumstance. Let your inner core and personal brand be independent to the state of your realities. If you have no access to internet or money – let that not stop you from creating meaningful face to face networks. Without doubt it hurts to be let down by a State or businesses we entrust our skills and dedicate sometimes a huge portion of our lifes towards. That said,

2. Speak to your future self too – envision the desired outcomes and ACT.

Its so easy to write down whats not working, to get tangled in the frustrations and anger. I have bounced from hurt to angry as I have grown in my career and taken up different spaces across the world in very different contexts. I felt hurt because of the way minorities are treated in the workplaces and angry because there is so much disrespect towards certain profiles of people just because of their background, race , culture or gender. For the last 3 years in 90% of my journeys – I was always profiled during travels for control checks and I stopped counting the amount of surprises who profiled me. I started speaking to my future self during those travels when I was angry, low or hurt to tap into what mattered to me now and in the future. I would literally write conversations with the lady I wanted to be. (Graceful/elegent, bold/powerful, intentional, authentic and inspiring) For that reason years ago I made it a point to act on those things I felt so deeply about. Speaking to my future self has helped me continue tapping into her. I literally force her out in times I feel down. What does that mean? Speaking to your future self. Some people do vision boards to showcase their vision for themselves in the long term. Try writing as the person you want to be. What needs to change to become that person. Be honest – Sometimes it means writing down an exit plan to toxic places or situations. Tap into your future self more . It truly allows you to be intentional and choose the things that matter to where you want to go. Your future self will thank you that you believed in them.

3. Go beyond todays realities when you are making decisions

I have seen people who sell themselves out for a quick win today only to lose out on a long term. I have done that – it sucks. Don’t do that 🙂 ok thats too easy to say. Listen, just because a country is a mess today or your situation is grave today – doesn’t mean that it`s written in stone forever. It´s a page in the book that doesn’t need to become the whole book. If someone says you can’t do it today – that doesn’t mean anything in the books of the future. So don’t make long term decisions based on realities of today. The truth of the matter is no one can predict the future – however in order to move towards your future self – one has to change gear to make decisions like the future self. Perspective is so important. To gain perspective , I truly believe one needs to move away from the day to day personal thoughts or environment – which is why I recommend highly that every young professional work away from their usual environment. If thats not possible for whatever reasons – then recommend to do weekly / bi weekly reflective evaluations outside your day to day environment. Nature has something to it in it`s pure state – if you are looking for perspective go out into the nature.

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