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How to network?

Discover how to be yourself when networking with other humans ? About a year ago, whilst at a culture workshop — I met a woman. I was instantly drawn to her… It is a day that I can describe so well like knowing the exact time one had their first kiss. Pulling out some networking tactics, I …

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Dear young professional – don’t lose hope!

Impact for young people will not be accomplished in any one day/monthly events for youth alone. It hurts to talk to young people and hear the anxiety and the anger and watch their future and potential compromised by systems and institutions that have failed. Now its urgent. The current state of young people – who …

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Dear young professional

Given that we are likely to spend more than half of our lives in various workplaces — it is without doubt that choosing to channel the energy to inspire the future generation and thoughts that make the future workplace is a must. In order to see the world evolve into a positive space that is fit for …

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The Business Heart – Good Business of the future

According to the World Health Organization, Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death globally. Most of these diseases can be prevented by addressing our daily behaviourial routines which influence our diet, tobacco usage and physical activity. It is shocking that more people die from heart diseases than from any other cause. The heart …

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The Future of remote work

When most companies speak of flexibility within the job – it mostly means you are allowed to plan your check in and checkout times in a flexible way as long as the job gets done. In some cases, it also means you get the opportunity to do home office there and then if your job …

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Revamp your workspace

Sometimes being your own boss starts with making a workspace that fits to your style -its about making your space truly yours. “Driven by employee-centred corporate values, the changing face of the workforce and innovative technology, workspace interiors, with every passing year, have transmuted, adopting more and more employee-friendly designs. As millennials populate growing corporate …

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